With the fast reducing green cover, it is important to keep planting more and more trees. Simultaneously, it is also important to make sure that the trees already planted are not uprooted / chopped down in the name of development. Should you wish to do any plantations, do reach out to us. We will be happy to do the plantation on your land. It is also advisable that only the native trees are planted.

seed ball making

Seedball making is a very easy way to plant trees in large quantities. We make sure to regularly make seedballs by inserting native seeds into a paste of natural clay and cow dung and then make small balls out of them. The seedballs dry in a few days and then they can simply be thrown on both the sides of the public roads, barren lands, riverbanks, lakesides etc. The best season to throw seedballs is the month of June / just before the onset of monsoon, such that the seeds can germinate in the first rainpour. While throwing seedballs may not be the most efficient way of plantation, it surely is the fastest and easiest method..

Tree plantation

We also engage in tree plantation efforts, where saplings are planted and taken care of. Nisargayan has a team of volunteers willing to do tree plantation at public or private places, provided someone takes responsibility of making sure that the trees grow big and live a natural life. We also insist on planting only the native trees.

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