Every 14th January, we celebrate Makar Sankranti, also called Uttarayan marking the Sun’s apparent northward movement. This is the occasion when the Sun touches the Tropic of Capricorn, halts its southward movement and starts moving northwards. Similarly, there is also a Kark Sankranti, also called Dakshinayan marking the Sun’s apparent southward movement. This is the occasion when the Sun touches the Tropic of Cancer, halts its northward movement and starts moving southwards. This may be understood as the dynamic nature of course correction.

Such is the cyclicity observed in nature. For the last few decades / centuries mankind has deviated from the path of being harmonious with nature and has engaged in boundless selfish extraction of natural resources and dangerous levels of environmental destruction and we have begun to see the ill effects of this anti natural way of life in the form of soaring global temperatures, rising sea levels, disease outbreaks, reduced immunity to diseases, erratic monsoons and as a result of it – erratic lives.

Just like the Sun and the Earth, it is about time; we humans also undertake the course correction and halt our consumerist, use and throw, anti natural way of life and start transiting towards nature or we may celebrate Nisargayan – a shift towards Nisarg – Nature.

We all are used to many hazardous materials that don’t easily disintegrate and merge into Mother Nature without causing long term harm and true Nisargayan shall be abolition of the use of such materials and a paradigm shift in the mindset too. However, given the fast pace of the modern life that we all have succumbed to, the transition needs to be slow and steady.

At Nisargayan, we engage and encourage people to engage in dialogues and practices that bring one close to nature. True Nisargayan would also negate the necessity of such a website, but till then let us meet on this platform and start our journey of Nisargayan..

Ganesh Vandana Kala Sadhana Shibir 6-7 August 2022