Ganesh Vandana

Every year during Ganesh Chaturthi, we make Ganesh ji’s Murtis from natural clay obtained from the potter, sourced from farms, rivers, ponds, lakes etc. These Murtis are beautifully crafted by hand (not in the mold unless until very urgent) and the colour applied on them is also natural, prepared from clay and stones obtained directly from nature. The work starts tentatively around the Amavasya of Ashadh month (approximately a month and a half before Ganesh Chaturthi) and goes on till Ganesh Chaturthi. The Murtis thus made are not sold, but given away to our Yajamaans, who are a part of Ganesh Vandana Parivaar. The Yajamaans also don’t pay cash in return of the Murtis, they bring some organic farm produce or ghee from a deshi cow (locally made, not sourced from some shop or dairy) or some art / craft piece made by a traditional artist / craft person and honour the Murtikaar.


A talk on Ganesh Vandana and small demo of Ganpati making out of clay with Mukhote Creative art foundation. Enjoy watching.